141 Piece Sealing Washer Set

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With this assortment of sealing washers, you’ll always have the right washer on hand. The set includes rubber washers, fiber washers and EVA washers to accommodate a wide variety of applications. The sealing washers come organized in a PVC storage case with an index chart for easy size selection.
  • Rubber washers - oil and water resistant to provide excellent fluid seals
  • Fiber washers - ideal for general purpose insulation
  • EVA rubber withstands wide temperature variations, often used in roofing applications
  • Neatly organized in a PVC storage case
Rubber Washers: (10 pc) 4x16x4mm - 15x24x3mm, (5 pc) 8x14x4mm - 10.5x14x4mm,Fiber Washers: (10 pc) 10x13.7x1.8mm - 20x25x1.2mm, (5 pc) 27x33x1.2mm, EVA Washers: (10 pc) 12x17.5x2mm and 17x24x2mm, (3 pc) 27x38x2mm and 30x39x2mm
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